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Secret of Dhatu - First Public Test

Greetings Opalnote Gamers!

If you haven't done so already, please read through our first release article.

Use this thread to tell us about your experience with Secret of Dhatu so far. Let us know if you have any suggestions or simply want to voice your concerns.

 Posted 6 y ago; Last Edited 6 y ago by @Max, Reason: "Add link to article"
First! downloaded for windows and all works great. The loading screen could use some improvement.. maybe make the loading bar more interesting. Other than that very very hyped!
 Posted 6 y ago; Last Edited 6 y ago by @MoodyKarem, Reason: "typo"
Checked it on my Laptop (i5-7300HQ 2.5GHz, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4GB, 8GB Ram, Windows 10 Home). Works just fine :) . *Enjoys the melody* ♪~♪~♪
 Posted 6 y ago; Last Edited 6 y ago by @Jianxx, Reason: "Added OS"
Signing in after clicking "Download" leads you to your profile page instead of either staying on the page or going directly to download. Fairly non-friendly to users.
It just opened a new tab which confused the poor old me.
 Posted 6 y ago; Last Edited 6 y ago by @Kezeal, Reason: "I got confused"
Regarding privacy/security, instead of telling you when email address is wrong and when password is wrong (if email is correct), I'd say a "Email/password is incorrect" type of message is better, or you could keep it like this but implement some kind of anti-bruteforce mechanic since these attacks are (in theory) possible if attacker knows at least some things about target.
Also, can't figure out if settings Low to Ultra actually make a difference, but my specs are very low with intel dual core 2.3Ghz and amd hd series 5500. Perhaps you could make an option for low-end devices?
 Posted 6 y ago
Hello Smeag,

Thanks for your input. We currently have a brute force system in place where 5 failed login attempts will lock the account. The legitimate account owner will be able to release the lock simply by logging in using the correct credentials, and so their account can not be DoS'ed. Given our password requirements, a brute force attack on an account would take centuries to succeed. However, I can think of a few good reasons to implement your suggestion!

We're also working on settings for lower-grade devices.

 Posted 6 y ago
Looks good to me, im running an amd quadcore 2Ghz R5, 8Gb ram / a question tho will you use some sort of hack security ex like Nprotect (that one aint good tho just an ex)?
 Posted 6 y ago
@LunaVox Yes, we have a strong anti-cheat system developed that we will deploy with the first in-game capable client. We want players to be equal in every aspect of the game, which is why we won't players use potentially harmful software.
 Posted 6 y ago; Last Edited 6 y ago by @Jianxx, Reason: "Fix"
So, I finally had the 5 minutes to test it out.


The first time I opened the game up, it crashed on the loading bar screen before it even managed to load anything. Just closed and opened up the settings selection again. Second time everything was flawless.

Authentication system I could not test at first, because it errored me with OpalCode 400(An unknown error has occurred. Please try again. If the problem persists, notify an Opalnote representative). Had to restart the game a third time to actually be able to get through that.


I for one like the minimalistic loading screen, for some reason gave me Morrowind vibes back from the day, and that's all good.

I like the login screen - simple and straightforward, all buttons in symmetry and equal size, hard to miss anything you'd need.


Given the loading and log-in screen, it looks like a huge emphasis will be on dragons. I really hope it will not be so. Some thoughts laid out by Max have sounded a lot more fun.

The dragon animation in the log in screen... Shouldn't he rise when lowering wings, instead of vice-versa?

The grass could use a bit of touch if you're on ultra graphics.

My System(for the crash feedback)

Intel Core i5-7600(3.5 GHz 4 CPUs)
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 6GB
System on SSD, everything else on HDD
Settings on Ultra
 Posted 6 y ago; Last Edited 6 y ago by @Kezeal, Reason: "Left out the last two lines"
Thanks for the feedback, Kezeal! We'll take a look at our logs and see if we can get to the bottom of those 400 responses.

You're correct, dragons exist in the world but are not the primary focus of the game. We intend to make them tame-able and ride-able, which is cool, but not a main part of the story line. Though, can't say there wont be a quest or two involving them.

Much of what you see here is prototyping. As the project progresses, most of what we're using in this early stage will be replaced. Foliage will likely be among the changes.
 Posted 6 y ago
Loaded perfectly. Sign in seemed to have worked!
I assume it's supposed to result in an OpalCode 011:
"The character creation service is unavailable. You may monitor our status on or check back later."

So then everything is working on my end!
Looking forward to the next part of the betas!
 Posted 6 y ago
That's correct, Nuldir. Character creation is next on the list!
 Posted 6 y ago