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Secret of Dhatu - First Public Release

This is the first public release of Secret of Dhatu. Join us in testing out our authentication system.

Max MakkiJanuary 6, 2018

First Secret of Dhatu Public Release!

We're pleased to announce to first public release of Secret of Dhatu. Before you download, please take a moment to read through the following information about what this release is and isn't.

This release is about:

  • testing our authentication system
  • testing our client-server communication protocols
  • testing our client across multiple operating systems
  • testing our client configuration system

This release isn't about:

  • logging into the world
  • general game play

How can I help test Secret of Dhatu?

Once you have downloaded our client, you can help us test Secret of Dhatu by attempting to log in using your Opalnote account, changing the game settings by manipulating the settings sliders, and reporting your overall experience and any bugs you may find back to us via our forum.

Secret of Dhatu, Tester Forum Thread

Next Steps

We'd like to accelerate our pace of deploying new content to our community. In order to accomplish this, our immediate goal is team expansion and project awareness. We'll be utilizing Reddit as well as other resources to promote our project and staff openings. If you'd like to join our team, you may submit an application by visiting this link.

Download Secret of Dhatu

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